Discover North Europian fauna

Species of animals in Karpno

On the estate Karpno and in the area there are many, many rare species of animals that can be seen. The animals that are raised in Karpno, you can observe are:

  • Fallow deer herd with a rare albino buck
  • "Green leg" chicken herds - the old Polish chicken breed
  • Different poultry breeds, such as: South American Araukana, Javanese Bantam chickens, Chinese Chabo, Silka, Cochin, French Faverolle, or Brahma, one of the largest chickens (up to 5 kg) 
  • Different poultry species, such as: Cayuga ducks, partridges, red, gold and silver pheasants, guinea fowl and Japanese quail

In the open environment of Karpno you can observe:

  • Deers and elks
  • boars
  • Foxes, otters, stoats
  • hares
  • Several rare or protected species: white eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, woodpeckers Schwartz, lapwings, kingfishers, robins, hoopoes, wagtails etc.
  • Storks, cranes, herons

In Karpno you can also watch other animals reared and kept here :

  • Vietnamese pigs
  • Goats and sheeps
  • Draught and warmblood horses 
  • "Welsh black" cattle 
  • Pigs

In Karpno lake there are several species of fish:

  • carp
  • pike
  • catfish 
  • tench
  • roach
  • eels 


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