Cuisine in Karpno

Eating in Karpno

Cuisine in Karpno

Mouth-watering cuisine, which we are very proud of, is a combination of traditional Polish and European cuisines. If you are a vegetarian or vegan we will have a menu for you as well. All meals are prepared on the spot with best quality meats mostly of our own ecological farm, depending on the breeding cycle.

  • Poultry: chicken, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, pheasants mostly from our own  certificated ecological farm
  • Pork mostly from our own attitude
  • wild meat from the forests arround Karpno
  • Fish: carp and pike from the Karpno lake
  • Eggs


Please feel free to contact here with us, we look forward to seeing you! You can use our contact form or call us. There is of course an English-speaking contact person available.

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