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Angling in Karpno

Those who like fishing can enjoy solitary fishing in the lake, which is a professional fishery where you can fish for perch, carp, roach, eel or catfish. The lake is periodically re-stocked with fish.

The Karpno Lake is a registered special fishing ground. Pike, tench, carp, sheat-fish, and eel are among the fish species that can be caught in the lake. The estate also includes two other large ponds where angling is permitted. Angling licenses are available for purchase for € 15 per day from dawn to dusk. Boats are available.

Angling license and boat:

  • all kinds of fish: 15 €/day

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The following restrictions apply: two fish of noble species with an aggregate weight of more than 5 kilograms or various white-meat fish with an aggregate weight of up to 5 kilograms. Fish caught in excess of that limit must be returned to the lake (once they have been photographed, if you so desire).


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